University Grievance Officer

The UGO is an independent university official who assists in the resolution of disputes involving faculty members or administrative professionals and their supervisors or other administrators.

The UGO is responsible for resolution of specific grievable actions or decisions that faculty members or administrative professionals believe are unfair, unreasonable, arbitrary, capricious or discriminatory.

The UGO assists faculty members and administrative professionals by:

  • Providing information and consultation
  • Assisting with conciliation and referrals
  • Coordinating the activities of University Mediators
  • Facilitating formal hearings conducted by the University Grievance Panel.

Fact Sheets

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Academic Faculty-Administrative Professional Manual

Section K: Resolution of Disputes
Outlines procedures for UGO, University Mediators and University Grievance Panel

Section E.15: Disciplinary Actions for Tenured Faculty
Specifies procedures followed by UGO in cases brought against faculty members

Manual: Table of Contents

For information or assistance

University Grievance Officer
Professor Kirk Hallahan
Colorado State University
C-220 Clark
Campus Delivery 1785
Fort Collins, CO

telephone: 970/491-3963

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